The online dating scene has expanded our options. We can be selective and choose among the many. However, not all are that lucky and get accepted. It might seem that there is an endless stream of potential partners, but you still don’t have enough dates as they back out of meeting up.


Take it easy and enjoy the process

Don’t be too hard on yourself. It is possible that the person you like isn’t serious about meeting up. You’ll just have to keep on trying until you get to score a date. There are ways to go about getting a date that won’t make it too challenging.

Send out the right message

If you just jump in and download an online dating app, you might be creating the wrong type of profile. You might want first to figure out what kind of relationship you want. If you’re going to find a life-long mate or a sex dating partner, your profile must be able to send out that message.

What makes online dating profiles attractive?

A research study shows that men are considered to more attractive when they look extraverted and genuine, yet not kind or overly warm. Women are perceived to be beautiful when they are feminine and have high self-esteem. The self-descriptions in the profile have a vital role in being attractive, but the fixed choices such as having children, being a smoker/non-smoker only have a minimal effect on the overall attractiveness of the person.

Keep the mystery

According to that same study, it is the lack of information that makes online daters want to fill in the blanks with qualities that they desire for a potential mate. When there is a lot of detailed information, the profile will attract fewer people but more compatible partners. Detailed information will make a viewer make a decision, so it is best to be mysterious.

Be quick in closing the deal

There are online matches that come to fruition when they set a date right away. If there is lengthy correspondence, the date might not happen in the near future. Speed dating works for closing the deal to begin a relationship, be it for just for sex or for a long-term commitment.

Speed dating works

If you want to score a date, lengthy conversations make a person overthink about the meetup. Those who are attracted to each other based on their profile do want to meet right away. Flirting online by sending messages for a long time does not work in your favor, as you will be spending more time on the app without getting results.

Make it work in your favor

If a person is determined to make an online dating app work in their favor, they have to decide to meet their match. A lot of those online are compulsive users who like to send messages but will not cross the line from the virtual world to the real one, as they will delay their decision to meet their match.